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Marine Applications

Weld Mount is the ideal method for mounting components to the hull or decks of cored fiberglass boats. Surface bonding Weld Mount fasteners eliminates drilling holes into the core eliminating the danger of delamination due to water intrusion. In addition Weld Mount fasteners are stronger and eliminate the need to glass in wood or other materials just to have a mounting surface. This saves significant labor, time and expense reducing the weight of the boat.

On metal boats Weld Mount eliminates welding, drilling and tapping saving significant labor costs. Often welding is not an alternative on finished boats due to fire hazards. Welding often results in warpage and discoloration of the metal which can be difficult if not impossible to remove.

Marine Adhesive Application


Heavy water panel mounted to balsa cored bulkhead wall using 4 Weld Mount 1/4 x 20 studs.

Bildge Pump Adhesive Application


Weld Mount fasteners are ideal for use below the water line where holes should not be drilled. It's an ideal method for mounting bilge pumps. Weld Mount parts and adhesives are designed to use in the bilge where they would be submerged and exposed to hydrocarbons. Shown here AT-5 wire tie mounts are used for wiring run in the bilge.

Battery Switch and Fuse Mount Block Adhesive Application


Weld Mount Studs are used to mount battery switches and fuse blocks to a cored bulkhead wall.

Fuel Filter Adhisive Application


Weld Mount Studs are used to mount a fuel filter panel to a cored bulkhead wall. Each of the 6 1/4 x 20 1" studs used has approximately 600 lbs of shear load capacity.

Carbon Fiber Adhesive Application


Weld Mount fasteners are ideal for use on carbon fiber which can not be drilled. Here #10 x 24 studs are used to hold electrical wire runs in cushion clamps.

Tie Mount Adhesive Application


Weld Mount AT-5 tie mounts have become an industry standard for OEM boat builders. Often these tie mounts are set into wet resin in the lamination shop eliminating the need to adhesively bond them in place.

Instument Panel Adhesive Application


Weld Mount adhesively bonded fasteners eliminate unsightly fasteners in many applications. Here a major OEM boat builder bonds 1/4 x 20 studs to the back side of an instrument panel which eliminates the need for exterior screws. Weld Mount fasteners are ideal for use in center consoles.

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